The Practical Guide to Love, Sex and Relationships – teaching Years 7 to 10.


“We had a fantastic day. The mix of the research and teaching ideas was perfect. We were kept moving, we learnt heaps and I’m actually looking forward to teaching this program”


·      How do we meet the needs of our students to challenge ‘pressured’ sex and replace it with a new norm – one of ethical sex and ethical encounters, so that young women and men are more able to enjoy sex when they feel ready for it, that it is safe, and a mutually pleasurable and consensual experience.


·      Would you like to increase your confidence and skills to teach this challenging subject area?


We offer a 1-day workshop featuring The Practical Guide to Love, Sex and Relationships, providing a skills development approach to ethical sexual behaviours and relationships. At the heart of this resource is the concept of care of self, being aware of the impact of our actions on others, having an equal say, and acknowledging the importance of reflection and learning from experience. The Practical Guide is aligned with Australian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education.  

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