Years 7 & 8

This is where you'll find all 10 lesson plans and videos (keep scrolling). Each lesson plan is saved as a single pdf, complete with handouts and slides.


Introduction - Read this first!


Lesson Plans for Years 7 & 8

topic 1 - Changes

Activity 1: Creating a Safe Space
Activity 2: Great Expectations (of Puberty)
Activity 3: Puberty Overview

topic 2 - friendships

Activity 1: What Makes a Good Friend?
Activity 2: Working Things Out

Video: Standing Up for Yourself

topic 3 - freedom fighters (gender)

Activity 1: Freedom Fighters

Video: Freedom Fighters


topic 4 - what to do when you think you like someone?

Activity 1: What To Do When You Think You Like Someone
Activity 2: How to Listen

Video: What To Do When You Think You Like Someone


topic 5 - why do people kiss?

Activity 1: Why Do People Kiss?
Activity 2: Respecting Boundaries

topic 6 - What’s Ok and Not Ok? (sexual harassment)

Activity 1: What’s Ok and Not Ok?

topic 7 - Sexual and Reproductive Health

Activity 1: What Do You Know?
Activity 2: Sexual and Reproductive Health Quiz

topic 8 - Authenticating Online Information

Activity 1: Authenticating Online Information



We have also developed a world-first (as far as we know) animation on pornography designed to explain real-life sexual relationships vs porn sex. Depending on your groups’ life experience this may not be relevant until they are older, however research evidence suggests that teachers would like more resources to address this issue.

Activity 1 and Video: Porn, What You Should Know


Classroom Videos for Years 7 & 8

Have a look at our short animations by award-winning Australian artist Michael Camilleri. The teaching activities work independently of the videos as we appreciate the videos will not be considered acceptable in all school environments. Some of them contain swearing (eg ‘slut’) and sketches of genitals. Please review them before you show your class.


(We use this one in Lesson 2 - FRIENDSHIP)

When relationships get ‘crunchy’ or someone oversteps your boundaries one option is to try and speak up. How you say something, or your style of communication, makes a difference to how successful you are at getting heard. 



How influenced are we by gender stereotypes and to what extent do our bodies shape our options? Take a trip to Mars to find out what is ok for a Martian girl to do, and what’s ok for a Martian boy. What happens when the Earthlings buck the system? This video finishes with sketches of genitals so please check it out before you show your students. 



How to begin a relationship is something many young people struggle with, but identifying some specific social skills can make a difference. These skills could as readily apply to friendships as well as potential romantic relationships. 



Here’s a world first - a video designed for 13 to 14 year olds to help them become critical thinkers about pornography and other sexual imagery (which may not be classified as porn). Keep in mind that not everyone in your class has seen or wants to see porn, but it if its an issue that you feel students are affected by, then check out the video and the accompanying lesson plan. Our main concern is that young people have the chance to hear an alternative set of standards – that sex can be a mutually enjoyable and consensual experience (when the time is right).